Michael J J Freedman

My name is Michael J J Freedman. I am undergraduate in my senior year at the University of Florida. I will be graduating this spring with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics. Continuing my edification, I will enroll in a graduate program in pure mathematics this fall.

Mathematics is my life’s passion and I love to work and play within it. On my site you’ll find both.

The idea that we as individuals have the power to design and guide the structure of our lives is my core tenet of my philosophy and lens through which I view my life. According, goals are not just targets for me to achieve, but clarify who I will be. The goals of my past have driven me to today, and the goals of my future drive me to improve myself beyond where I am.

My Future Goals

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

May 2023

Graduate School

Fall 2023

Faculty Member at the Institute for Advanced Study

Long-term goal